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We use 100%
corn and vegetable
oil in our deep fryer and
no lard or meat products
in any of our
vegetarian dishes.

Make sure to ask for your
To-go Burrito Card,
Buy 9 Burritos, get the 10th one
Online Familia
Online Familia
Would you
rather eat at home?
We offer take out. Call us up,
place your order, and we’ll have
it ready in less then 20 minutes!
Over the last few years the word has spread,
Celia’s hora feliz isn’t to be missed!
Now with tequila Margaritas and brandy Sangria,
we’ve brought hard liquor to the Northside of UC Berkeley.

Were still offering FREE appetizer’s for pitchers
as well as individual drink orders!

Stay thirsty amigos!
Drink Menu
510-549-1460  ¤  1841 Euclid Avenue Berkeley, CA 94709  ¤
We Cater!
 With over 35 years of experience in the Mexican food
industry, we offer reliable and affordable food for
any event! From buffet style trays, taco bar’s, and even
individually wrapped burritos, our food’s sure to leave
you with a full stomach and a smile on your face.

Email us for free quotes or to set up your order today!
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Happy Hour
Restaurant Hours
Happy Hour 
 is better than ever
Gracias to everyone who supported
us through the painfully long process of getting our
full liquor licence. With your help and support, we’ve made it
and have been approved to sell spirits!
We’re overjoyed to finally bring our
Famous Celia’s Margaritas back to our new home on Euclid.
We cant wait to see some old faces making
new memories... on the rocks, with salt!